Performance specifications autoflex speed™ TOF MALDI Time-of-Flight mass spectrometer

MALDI ion source MALDI-Perpetual™ incl. source cleaning
Laser type BRUKER smartbeam™-II laser, 355 nm wavelength
Laser repetition rate variable, up to 1 kHz
Laser focus size computer-controlled adjustable from 10-100 µm
Mass Resolution (Protein) 1,100 for Cytochrome C (m/z 12,361) FWHM Linear/Reflector; 600 for Protein A (m/z 44,613) FWHM Linear; 26,000 for Somatostatin 28 (m/z 3,147.47) FWHM Reflector
Mass Resolution Protein over broad mass range simultaneously measured with PAN™ technique 700 for Insulin (m/z 5,734) FWHM Linear; 900 for Myoglobin M2+ (m/z 8,476) FWHM Linear; 1,000 for Cytochrome C (m/z 12,361) FWHM Linear; 10,000 for Bradykinin 2-9 (m/z 904) FWHM Reflector; 18,000 for ACTH 1-24 (m/z 2,932) FWHM Reflector; 22,000 for ACTH 7-38 (m/z 3,657) FWHM Reflector
MS Sensitivity 500 fmol BSA (m/z 66,000) at S/N ≥ 100:1 shown with 1,000 laser shots Linear; 250 amol [Glu1]-Fibrinopeptide B (m/z 1,570.7) at S/N ≥ 100:1 shown on Bruker Prespotted AnchorChip™ PAC target with 2,000 laser shots Reflector
Mass accuracy (protein mixture) With external calibrant: better than 100 ppm
With internal calibrant: better than 90 ppm
System certification Level CE


Specifications SECTOR® Imager 2400A

Optics and Mechanics Cooled CCD camera, custom telecentric lens, integrated bar code readers, two-dimensional motion control
Plate Formats 96-well MULTI-ARRAY® Plates, 96-well MULTI-SPOT® Plates
Functional detection limit (binding assays) ~106 labels
Dynamic range 10,000
Read time three minutes per plate